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Wally Waller Unveils ‘Kitchen Rock’ in Soul-Stirring Performance

Wally Waller Delivers Enthralling Performance of ‘The Good Mr. Square/She Was Tall, She Was High’ from The Pretty Things’ Classic Album, ‘Parachute’, Co-Written with Phil May.

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Legendary bassist and producer Wally Waller, best known for his work with The Pretty Things, has released his first-ever solo album, Kitchen Rock. To celebrate the launch, Think Like A Key Music has posted a captivating YouTube video featuring his performance of “The Good Mr. Square/She Was Tall, She Was High.” The album is available now in both CD (with extra tracks) and single LP editions, both as limited pressings.

Kitchen Rock is a deeply personal and captivating album that started as intimate solo acoustic sessions recorded in Waller’s kitchen during England’s 2020 lockdown. The collection features iconic songs he co-wrote with lifelong friend Phil May for The Pretty Things, as well as cherished rock ‘n’ roll classics that influenced him throughout his youth. Waller later enhanced these tracks with additional guitar, bass, drums, and harmony vocals, transforming them into one-man band recordings. The result is an unvarnished auditory experience that breathes new life into these timeless songs.

Wally Waller’s Kitchen Rock is available now on CD and LP from independent record label Think Like A Key Music, which is dedicated to promoting and producing underrepresented music. Discover the unique charm and authenticity of Kitchen Rock and immerse yourself in Waller’s evocative voice and remarkable guitar performances, as he takes you on a memorable musical journey.

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