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Time of the Season: The Zombies’ Psychedelic Hit and Its Bizarre Backstory

When you think of classic psychedelic rock, the Zombies’ “Time of the Season” is likely to come to mind. Released in 1969 as the 1970s dawned, this timeless hit featured unique handclaps, audible breathing, and a catchy phrase – “Who’s Your Daddy.” Despite the band breaking up before the song became a hit, “Time of the Season” has endured as a testament to the Zombies’ brilliance and an icon of its era. But the story behind the song and its legendary album, Odessey and Oracle, is as fascinating as the music itself.

Odessey and Oracle almost didn’t see the light of day. Columbia Records had little faith in the album, and it took producer Al Kooper’s intervention to convince label head Clive Davis to release it. Tensions were high during the recording of “Time of the Season,” with lead singer Colin Blunstone and songwriter Rod Argent clashing over a specific lyric. The album’s title was even misspelled – a mistake that was never corrected, making for a fantastic story in itself.

The most peculiar twist in the tale is the song’s reception. While “Time of the Season” sold a million copies in America and achieved success worldwide, it never became a hit in the band’s native UK. As the song soared up the charts, a promoter even put out a fake version of the band and spread the rumor that Blunstone had died. Despite all these oddities, “Time of the Season” remains a defining moment in the Zombies’ career and a cornerstone of psychedelic rock.

Professor of Rock interviews Rod & Colin – the Zombies

To dive deeper into the intriguing story of “Time of the Season” and its impact, check out the YouTube video by Professor of Rock, a channel dedicated to celebrating the power of music. In this video, you’ll find firsthand accounts from the band members themselves, as they discuss their signature song and its place in the pop canon. With stories and insights from the artists who lived it, Professor of Rock’s video adds a unique layer to the tale of this iconic hit.

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