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“Running Through Chelsea” 4.5 Stars & Rave Review from Spill Magazine

We are thrilled to share the news that Peter Daltrey & The Know Escape‘s latest album, Running Through Chelsea, has been reviewed by Spill Magazine and received a remarkable 4.5 stars and an editor’s pick accolade! This amazing collaboration between Peter Daltrey and Mark Mortimer has caught the attention of music lovers and critics alike, and we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s take a closer look at some highlights from the Spill Magazine review.

In the review, Spill Magazine praises the album’s seamless blend of genres and eras, describing it as “a crossroad of psychedelic, alternative, pop, rock and everything in between.” The album’s production, led by Rick Reil and David Ross Skinner, has also been commended for capturing the essence of British psychedelic music while still maintaining a fresh and original sound.

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Daltrey’s distinct and rich voice is noted as a joy to listen to throughout the album, as he demonstrates his ability to sing in various styles. The review specifically highlights tracks like “Turn On Your Radio,” “Time And Tide,” “Hotel Juliet,” “Casablanca,” “Those Days,” “Running Through Chelsea,” and “Houses And Rooms” as standout examples of the album’s diverse and engaging sound.

Furthermore, the review applauds the poetic lyricism of Running Through Chelsea, calling it a “multi-layered listening experience” that sets a new standard for Daltrey’s music. Rather than being labeled as a retro or throwback album, the reviewer believes it could be ahead of its time.

We encourage you to check out the full review on Spill Magazine and listen to Peter Daltrey & The Know Escape’s outstanding album, Running Through Chelsea, for yourself. Experience the masterful blend of genres and captivating melodies that have earned this album such high praise.

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