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Roger Knott Unveils ‘Nashville Sessions’

From Lifeblud to Nashville: Roger Knott’s Evocative Musical Chronicles

Esteemed artist Roger Knott, renowned for his tenure as the singer/songwriter and band leader of LIFEBLUD, is set to unveil a monumental compilation, Nashville Sessions, on October 20, 2023. This 2 CD Edition, also available in Digital format, is a testament to Knott’s prolific recording sessions in Nashville between 2005 to 2016. With tracks produced by the likes of Pat McInerney, Clive Gregson, and Grammy-nominated musician Thomm Jutz, and featuring the crème de la crème of Nashville session players, this collection is a musical odyssey that fans won’t want to miss. Notable musicians such as Mark Fain (Ricky Skaggs, Dolly Parton), Shad Cobb (Willie Nelson, Steve Earle), and Richard Bailey (Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette) have lent their expertise to this compilation, further elevating its musical richness.

The album, comprising a staggering 48 tracks, is a reflection of Knott’s diverse influences and his ability to traverse genres seamlessly. As Knott himself puts it, “I’ve always felt that in every genre there’s an artist worth listening to so in my own work I’ve tried to accommodate as many influences as possible.” Songs like “Make Your Way In The World” and “I Thought You’d Always Be There” showcase Knott’s knack for exploring varied perspectives in his songwriting—capturing both the parent’s and child’s perspectives, offering listeners a multifaceted emotional journey.

This release, fully remastered and curated by the artist himself, is the first of potentially three parts, with a total of 140 tracks recorded during his time in Nashville. With Cherry Red Records and Seelie Court Records having recently released tracks and albums by Lifeblud, the anticipation for Nashville Sessions is palpable. While no tours are scheduled at the moment, fans can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Nashville Sessions and get a sneak peek through the official trailer. The album is available for pre-order now.

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