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R. Stevie Moore Reveals Exclusive Insights into His Track “I Wanna Sleep”

Discover R. Stevie Moore’s enthralling track “I Wanna Sleep” from his groundbreaking 1978 double album (or full length cassette, rather) Games & Groceries, now expertly remastered and reissued for the first time by Think Like A Key Music on CD.. The intriguing music video, edited by Alex Wroten, features footage from Moore’s original archive video tapes, capturing the spirit and energy of an artist who was truly ahead of his time. “I Wanna Sleep” offers a mesmerizing fusion of music, visuals, and nostalgia.

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The release of Games & Groceries on a 2 CD set, housed in a 6-panel glossy cardboard cover, and featuring remastered sound by Prof. Stoned, along with a bonus track, is part of a DIY series which also features releases from LMNOP, Brian Bordello, Fran Ashcroft & Hawk Percival. We asked RSM to give us some insight into this particular track:

There’s really not much I can say about it, it’s so long ago. Very simple song, a waltz in six eight time. I played the drum track first, and wrote the song on top of it, later, unknowing, as I did much of the time, back then. Often with a submitted drum track by a friend in Nashville.

I recorded it in Montclair New Jersey, spring 1978 in my third floor apartment, using my pre-recorded drum track, and what is there not much to say about it, since I’m not really awake right now. Took too many pain killers, accidentally on purpose, for my brutal arthritis forty five years later. I think I’ll be okay, I’m awake enough to describe this to you. It’s a basic song, self-descriptive in the lyrics, semi-biographical, but I didn’t really have any sleep disorders then, as I do now. I was just taking the piss… after all, we all wanna sleep! To escape da cruel reality of modern life. It’s in the key of z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. (slow snoring sounds) … WAKE UP! —

Additionally, instruments played on, are my Rickenbacker electric 6 string guitar… and my exclusive, fretless Kent hollow body base, a vintage. Which was donated to me, shipped from a friend in Nashville. The frets had been somehow removed. Recorded on Too, stereo quarter-track 7 inch reel to reel tape decks, at 7 and one half i.p.s, bouncing back and forth and back, using mike line mixing. No multi track for this boy. End of story. — Get the coffee brewing. If R. Stevie ever wakes up. MOORE TO COM

R. Stevie Moore

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