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Peter Daltrey Unveils Vinyl Edition of ‘Running Through Chelsea’ on YouTube

In a captivating YouTube video, Peter Daltrey, the legendary voice behind legendary psych / folk bands Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour, unveiled exciting news for vinyl enthusiasts: the release of the vinyl edition of Running Through Chelsea. Daltrey, whose musical journey spans over five decades, shared his heartfelt memories of releasing his first album and the unique thrill that comes with holding a freshly pressed record. Despite the challenges faced with their initial record company, his passion for music and the art of album-making remains as fervent as ever.

The album, adorned with a striking cover image by Craig Whitehead, promises to be a treat for both new listeners and long-time fans. Daltrey’s collaboration with Mark Mortimer on this project is a testament to their combined musical prowess. As he fondly recalls the tactile experience of vinyl, it’s clear that for Daltrey, some things never change. With a hint at another upcoming project with Mortimer, it’s evident that Daltrey’s musical journey is far from over. For those who cherish the golden era of rock and the timeless allure of vinyl, Running Through Chelsea is not just an album; it’s an experience.

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