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Peter Daltrey and Mark Mortimer Premiere “Running Through Chelsea”

In a fresh musical venture, Peter Daltrey, known for his contributions to the seminal British psych band Kaleidoscope, and Mark Mortimer have released their latest track, “Running Through Chelsea.” The Big Takeover Magazine recently premiered the video, adding a visual dimension to this sonic journey.

The duo’s collaboration is a lush and immersive blend of varied musical elements. Melding mellotrons, baroque strings, sitars, and Hammond organ with 12-string guitars, woodwinds, brass, and exotic folk instruments from Africa and Asia, the track offers a unique sonic experience1. This fusion of sounds creates a “kaleidoscopic colour and light” that promises to be a soothing accompaniment to our challenging times1.

Reflecting on the process of co-writing the song and the album, Daltrey shared that it was a “pure joy.” The track allowed him to revisit memories of his time in Chelsea with his girlfriend, a time marked by financial struggles but also optimism about their shared future. These reminiscences, along with observations of the modern world and his personal journey through life, provided inspiration for much of the album.

Mortimer, a lifelong fan of British psychedelia and bands like Kaleidoscope and Fairfield Parlour, expressed his excitement about the project. He was determined to avoid simply replicating the past and instead strived for a contemporary record with a blend of edgier moments and more surreal, quixotic elements. The songwriting process felt natural and was completed within a few weeks.

For more details and to view the video premiere, visit the original article on The Big Takeover Magazine.

Or view it from the safety of this post 😉

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