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Os Mutantes’ Sergio Dias Dives into Their Debut Album on Discograffiti Podcast

Embark on a mesmerizing odyssey into the genesis of one of the most avant-garde debut albums in music history, as Sergio Dias, the prodigious architect behind Brazil’s legendary band Os Mutantes, joins the erudite host Dave Gebroe on the latest episode of the Discograffiti podcast.

In this enthralling episode, Sergio Dias unveils captivating intricacies about the conception of Os Mutantes’ seminal first album, elucidating three facets of the record that materialized through spontaneous improvisation. The discourse delves into the trailblazing instance of sampling in music history, featured in one of the band’s emblematic songs, and even divulges Sergio’s candid assessment of his own magnum opus, measured in stars out of five.

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The Discograffiti podcast is a veritable goldmine for discerning music aficionados and vinyl connoisseurs alike. With assiduously researched and perpetually reevaluated content, hosts Joe Kennedy and Dave Gebroe escort listeners through the labyrinthine discography of a panoply of artists and bands. Their engaging, irreverent repartee, nurtured over three decades of camaraderie, sets the stage for a riveting, enlightening plunge into every EP, single, compilation, and momentous collaboration.

Whether you’re an unapologetic music zealot or an aspiring record collector, Discograffiti furnishes an unrivaled expedition into the music cosmos. Seize this rare opportunity to hear Sergio Dias muse on the making of Os Mutantes’ extraordinary debut album. And if you are extra adventurous, check out Think Like A Key Music’s green vinyl edition of their 2020 album, ZZYZX!

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