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John Howard: Candid Reflections on Life & Career

In a recent interview with Primitive Man Soundz, singer-songwriter John Howard opened up about his life, career, and music journey. Born in Lancashire in 1953, Howard credits his father’s jazz piano playing as his initial inspiration to become a pianist. Despite a challenging childhood in Bury, he discovered his love for pop music and began buying records from artists like The Beatles, Dusty Springfield, and Roy Orbison.

John Howard began his journey in music performing at Accrington College, folk clubs, universities, and theaters. After signing with CBS in 1974, he recorded his debut LP Kid In A Big World at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. However, despite working with renowned producers like Trevor Horn and Steve Levine, his music career faced setbacks as his singles failed to chart. Howard then found success in the music industry through roles in licensing, A & R, and special projects with companies such as EMI and Reader’s Digest Music.

In 2003, Howard experienced an unexpected career resurgence with the reissue of Kid In A Big World by RPM Records (and a fresh double disc reissue on Kool Kat Musik) leading to multiple album releases over the past two decades, including LOOK and From The Far Side Of A Near Miss. A published author of three memoir volumes, Howard’s Cut The Wire album was released on vinyl for the first time by Think Like A Key Music in January, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Read the full interview at Primitive Man Soundz and pick up a copy of the very limited pressing of Cut The Wire while stock lasts.

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