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John Halsey Shares His Musical Journey with The Strange Brew Podcast

In a recent interview with The Strange Brew podcast, renowned drummer John Halsey opened up about his fascinating career, including his time with the legendary Patto, sessions for Lou Reed’s Transformer, and Roy Harper. Halsey’s journey began with local bands and Felder’s Orioles before joining Timebox in 1967, which later evolved into Patto. The conversation also delves into his experiences as a pre-fab Rutle and the new Think Like A Key Music/Beyond Before Patto set, And That’s Jazz (Live 1971-1973).

John Halsey, also known as Barry Wom of The Rutles, has had an incredible impact on the rock music scene. The Strange Brew podcast, hosted by Jason Barnard, is the perfect platform to showcase Halsey’s story, as it highlights themes in rock music from the mid-1960s to the present day. The show has earned critical acclaim, with The Daily Telegraph recommending it as a must-listen podcast and Radio Today naming it one of the five best classic rock podcasts.

To access the full interview stream and gain an in-depth understanding of Halsey’s life and accomplishments, follow this link:

Embark on an extraordinary expedition through the rich annals of rock music, and become part of The Strange Brew’s loyal fanbase, a podcast that proudly ranks in the top 1.5% worldwide and holds a place in the prestigious British Library Sound Archive.

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