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Flash In The USA: Rediscovering the Prog-Rock Gems of the 70s

Goldmine Magazine recently published an article on the release of Flash In The USA, a three-CD set that features rare live recordings of the band Flash from 1972 to 1973. The article delves into the band’s history, their connection to Yes, and their unique sound that set them apart in the prog-rock scene. Fans of Flash will appreciate the in-depth look into the band’s music and the impressive efforts made to improve the sound quality of these rare recordings.

Flash In The USA trailer

The Flash In The USA release, brought to you by Think Like A Key Music, is an invaluable treasure trove for devoted Flash fans. The set includes a beautiful 32-page booklet packed with rare photos and detailed information about the band. For those unfamiliar with Flash, the article suggests starting with their studio albums before exploring this live collection.

We highly encourage readers to check out the full article on Goldmine Magazine’s website to discover the intriguing history and fascinating details surrounding Flash and their music. The insights provided in the article will surely pique the interest of both new and long-time fans of early 1970s British prog-rock.

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