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Anton Waiting on the Radio
Anton Barbeau’s “Waiting on the Radio” Featured on Glide Magazine

Anton Barbeau's nostalgic "Waiting on the Radio" music video featured on Glide Magazine.

Pat Martin interview
Pat Martin of Unicorn: Insights from a Psychedelic Era

Pat Martin of Unicorn reveals band's history in a new exclusive interview with Psychedelic Baby Maga…

Beachfront Defeat
Rediscover the Timeless Magic of Jim Camacho’s ‘Beachfront Defeat’

The 2023 Edition of 'Beachfront Defeat' marks its first remastering and reissue since 2009.

International Pop Overthrow 2013 Liverpool Recap
Recap: the Unforgettable Think Like A Key Music Showcase at IPO Liverpool

Relive the exhilarating moments of our label showcase at Liverpool's International Pop Overthrow.

Peter Daltrey and Mark Mortimer Premiere “Running Through Chelsea”

New music video for "Running Through Chelsea" premiered at The Big Takeover magazine website.

Night Moods 5-star Shindig
Hawk Percival’s “Night Moods” Lauded in Shindig! Magazine

A five-star album review in May's Shindig! for this up-and-coming singer-songstress.

Brian Bordello TLAK TALK
TLAK TALKS: Brian Bordello Talks Solo Journey, Cilla Black, and Technological Possibilities

Brian Bordello discusses the songs on his solo album 'Songs For Cilla To Sing' and feelings on AI te…

The Zombies 1967
Time of the Season: The Zombies’ Psychedelic Hit and Its Bizarre Backstory

Professor of Rock's interview with Rod & Colin of The Zombies surrounding their iconic hit "Time Of …

Pat & Ken, Unicorn live
TLAK TALKS: Behind the Scenes with Unicorn – Navigating the Music Industry and Forging Lasting Bonds

Check out Pat Martin's exclusive interview, where he delves into Unicorn's legacy and shares behind-…

IPO Music Festival Presents: Think Like A Key Music Label Showcase in Liverpool

Join us at the Cavern Club and Cavern Pub in Liverpool for the International Pop Overthrow (IPO) fes…

Brian Bordello on St. Helens Star
St. Helens Star Spotlights Brian Shea’s Heartfelt Album, “Songs for Cilla to Sing”

Discover the captivating story behind Brian Shea's tribute album, "Songs for Cilla to Sing," as feat…

Peter Daltrey & The Know Escape
“Running Through Chelsea” 4.5 Stars & Rave Review from Spill Magazine

Praised for its genre-blending sound and earning 4.5 stars in a rave review by Spill Magazine.

Wally Waller - The Good Mr. Square
Wally Waller Unveils ‘Kitchen Rock’ in Soul-Stirring Performance

Watch the performance of 'The Good Mr. Square/She Was Tall, She Was High' from the Kitchen Rock sess…

Ollie Halsall
Unleashing the Fury: Ollie Halsall’s Great Guitar Moments

Discover the awe-inspiring guitar solos of the legendary Ollie Halsall, a hidden gem in the world of…

The Zombies and Rogers & Butler
TLAK TALKS: Rogers & Butler share their experience opening for The Zombies on their UK tour

Join Rogers & Butler for an exclusive interview as they share their experience opening for The Zombi…

Roger Houdaille
Inside the Mind of Roger Houdaille: Exploring Ex Norwegian’s Success & Think Like A Key Music

Explore the creative mind of Roger Houdaille, the mastermind behind Ex Norwegian, and his journey wi…

Os Mutantes - Sergio Dias
Os Mutantes’ Sergio Dias Dives into Their Debut Album on Discograffiti Podcast

Listen to the riveting genesis of Os Mutantes' avant-garde debut album as Sergio Dias shares captiva…

Novelty Island - Wallsend Weekend Television
Novelty Island’s “Wallsend Weekend Television” Debuts #97 on NACC Chart

Novelty Island's latest album "Wallsend Weekend Television," debuting at #97 on the NACC chart.

Ray Bennett interview
Flash Back: An Exclusive Interview with Ray Bennett

We revisit the golden era of progressive rock with an exclusive interview featuring Ray Bennett, bas…

Ex Norwegian, Wynwood, 2016
Ex Norwegian’s 2016 Burris Tribute: Remastered

Experience indie rockers Ex Norwegian's heartfelt 2016 tribute concert for their late mentor, Clark …

John Howard 1970's
John Howard: Candid Reflections on Life & Career

John Howard reflects on his storied career in music, discussing setbacks, career transitions, and hi…

Pablo Solo live
Pablo Solo’s Captivating Hoy por Hoy Podcast Show

Spanish singer Pablo Solo, known for his timeless sound and collaboration with legendary producer Jo…

King Crimson, Midnight Special 1973
Discover King Crimson’s Riveting 1973 Performance on The Midnight Special

King Crimson's stunning 1973 performance on The Midnight Special, featuring "Easy Money" and "Larks'…

R. Stevie Moore Reveals Exclusive Insights into His Track “I Wanna Sleep”

Delve into R. Stevie Moore's mesmerizing track "I Wanna Sleep" from the remastered 1978 double album…

Peter Daltrey & The Know Escape
Peter Daltrey Discusses New Album & Mark Mortimer Collaboration: Exclusive Strange Brew Interview

Discover Peter Daltrey's new album & collaboration with Mark Mortimer in this Strange Brew interview…

The Gatekeepers Enigmatic Video for “The Patron” Featuring The Residents

Anti-Music premiere of the enigmatic animated lyric video for "The Patron" off the excellent avant-o…

Rogers & Butler
Rogers & Butler: Crafting Pop Gems Through Poetic Collaboration

In an interview with Stereo Embers Magazine, the duo discuss their songwriting process and the story…

Flash in the studio, 1972
Flash In The USA: Rediscovering the Prog-Rock Gems of the 70s

Unearth the rare live recordings of 70s prog-rock band Flash in this in-depth Goldmine Magazine arti…

John Halsey, The Rutles, Lou Reed
John Halsey Shares His Musical Journey with The Strange Brew Podcast

Dive into John Halsey's fascinating drumming career on The Strange Brew podcast, featuring tales of …

Mark Johnston Jimmy Campbell interview
Uncovering Jimmy Campbell: Mark Johnston Interview

In our exclusive interview with Mark A. Johnston, we delve into his pivotal role in reviving Jimmy C…

Kaleidoscope interview with Dan Bridgman & Peter Daltrey
Diving Into Yesterday: Peter Daltrey & Danny Bridgman Reveal Kaleidoscope & Fairfield Parlour’s Captivating Story

Stories of Kaleidoscope & Fairfield Parlour's Peter Daltrey and Danny Bridgman share their memories …