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TLAK TALKS: Rogers & Butler share their experience opening for The Zombies on their UK tour

In this exclusive interview, we catch up with Rogers & Butler, the American rock band currently opening for The Zombies on the first half of their UK tour. We delve into their experience on the road, the audience response to their music, and their upcoming plans and projects.

On stage at Exmouth Pavillion

TLAK: Rogers & Butler are currently opening for The Zombies on the first half of their UK tour. How has the crowd been responding to your songs? Have there been any standout moments so far?

Edward: At first the audience appears subdued, but within the first two songs, they really warm up to our music. We’ve been getting an amazing response to the music, our harmonies, and especially Steve’s guitar solos.  We also find they are really paying attention to the lyrics. I think the audience is surprised by how much energy we project as a three piece. Highlight has to be that after just three shows, we’ve already received a glowing review from Beat Magazine. Another highlight is how many people come up to us after our set to chat about our music. 

TLAK: How did you go about creating the setlist for this tour? Are you sticking to the same songs, or experimenting with different numbers?

Stephen: Edward and I put together a set list the features our new album, Brighter Day, as well as selections from our previous two releases. Although we’ve only been recording for 4 years, we have about 25 songs to choose from. For our first three shows it’s been the same set list but that’s going to change quickly. A couple of new ones will be in our set tonight. 

TLAK: As this is, I believe, your second time over in the UK performing together, would you say there are significant differences between American and British audiences during your shows?

Edward: In the U.K., they all get there on time and the venues are fully seated as we hit the stage. They also pay more attention during the set; there’s no chatter! They may appear reserved, but are very well educated about music and that comes through especially after talking to them at the meet & greets. 

TLAK: What’s next for Rogers & Butler? Can you share any upcoming plans or projects?

Recording at Abbey Road in October is our latest news. Fortunately for Rogers & Butler, we rehearse and are prepared when we go into the studio. So far, all of our albums have been recorded in two to three days. We just play live and capture the sound. Very little overdubbing and editing. No click tracks or auto tuning going on. It’s our preference. Most of my favorite records were made like that. 

In the meantime, playing shows and writing more songs is our plan.

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