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The Gatekeepers Enigmatic Video for “The Patron” Featuring The Residents

The avant-garde musical landscape is set ablaze as The Gatekeepers premiere their lyric video for “The Patron,” featuring the enigmatic sounds of The Residents. This single is a standout from Alex Wroten’s avant-opera album, “The Gatekeepers,” which has been described as a narrative concept album delving into the intricacies of the creative process. The album, a brainchild of Wroten, is a collaboration with a collective of 35 experimental musicians and bands. It narrates the challenges faced by artists, symbolizing the gatekeepers as those who pose obstacles to creative individuals. The video and the album as a whole draw parallels to iconic works like Genesis’ “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” while also evoking the eclectic vibes of artists like Kurt Weill and Frank Zappa. With a blend of progressive rock, jazz, and folk, “The Gatekeepers” promises a musical journey that challenges conventions and celebrates artistic freedom.

For a visual treat that complements this auditory masterpiece, dive into the video premiere of “The Patron” on AntiMusic, or watch below:

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