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St. Helens Star Spotlights Brian Shea’s Heartfelt Album, “Songs for Cilla to Sing”

Local newspaper St. Helens Star recently featured an article on Brian Shea, a member of the St. Helens band Bordellos, and his newly released album, Songs for Cilla to Sing. The album serves as a heartfelt tribute to the late Cilla Black, showcasing songs that Shea initially wrote for the 60s icon to record herself. The newspaper’s coverage highlights Shea’s dedication to Cilla’s music and the unique backstory of his passionate project.

Watch the official trailer for the release, as part of the TLAK DIY series

The St. Helens Star article delves into the story behind the album, detailing how Shea’s determination led to the songs reaching Cilla Black, despite her retirement from singing. The article also emphasizes the serendipitous rediscovery of the lost tape containing Shea’s original recordings, which ultimately culminated in the album’s release. Upon its release, Songs for Cilla to Sing quickly sold out on Amazon on its first day of sale, indicating the strong public interest in Shea’s tribute to Cilla Black.

The attention not only brings deserved recognition to Brian Shea’s labor of love but also introduces a wider audience to the captivating story behind Songs for Cilla to Sing. Preserved and remastered by Think Like A Key’s DIY series, the album offers a unique listening experience for music enthusiasts and collectors alike, providing a glimpse into the heartfelt tribute that could have been recorded by Cilla Black herself.

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