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Rogers & Butler: Crafting Pop Gems Through Poetic Collaboration

When experienced poet Edward Rogers and master of melody Stephen Butler come together, the result is the enchanting duo Rogers and Butler. Having crafted numerous solo albums and working with various bands throughout their careers, their collaboration brings forth a treasure trove of sensitive pop gems. In an interview with Stereo Embers Magazine, the duo discuss their songwriting process and the story behind their latest album, Brighter Day (Think Like a Key Music).

Rogers and Butler first connected over their mutual love of Duncan Browne’s music, which led them to write their first song together, “20th Century Heroes.” From there, they continued to develop their unique songwriting partnership, with Rogers penning the lyrics and Butler crafting the melodies. Their collaboration resulted in three albums, starting with the Diana Dors EP, followed by Poets and Sinners, and their latest, Brighter Day. This new album showcases their incredible bond, evident in their creative process and understanding of each other’s strengths.

The title track of their latest album, “Brighter Day,” embodies a mix of despair and optimism, reflecting the challenges and hope the world has experienced in recent times. While recording the album, Rogers and Butler managed to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, relying on a combination of studio sessions and remote work. Their album tells a story of survival, adaptation, and the strength to learn to live again in the face of adversity. With their captivating lyrics and melodies, Rogers and Butler continue to enchant listeners with their heartfelt pop masterpieces.

To gain more insights into their artistic journey, don’t miss the full Stereo Embers interview by clicking here.

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