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Peter Daltrey Discusses New Album & Mark Mortimer Collaboration: Exclusive Strange Brew Interview

In a recent interview featured on Strange Brew, Peter Daltrey of Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour spoke with Jason Barnard about his life in music and his exciting new collaboration with Mark Mortimer, formerly of DC Fontana. Their album, Running Through Chelsea (credited to Peter Daltrey and The Know Escape), combines Daltrey’s exceptional lyricism and Mortimer’s affinity for the inventive 60s sound and psychedelic feel.

Watch the video for “Bukowski’s Tambourine”

Daltrey shared how their collaboration began when Mortimer asked him to contribute one line to a song, which eventually led to working together on an entire album. When it comes to songwriting, Daltrey, who started as a poet, prefers to write lyrics first. Throughout his career, he has been amazed by the incredible musicians he has collaborated with and their expertise.

Regarding the album’s references to London in the 60s, Daltrey explained that though Kaleidoscope/Fairfield Parlour were labeled as psychedelic, they were simply fanatical songwriters who happened to be recording during the brief window of musical history known as psychedelia. However, he doesn’t mind the label and appreciates being remembered for something in particular.

Don’t miss the full interview on The Strange Brew to learn more about Peter Daltrey’s fascinating career and his latest collaboration with Mark Mortimer. And also, catch the “It’s Happening” section of this months’ Shindig! for even more information.

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