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Pat Martin of Unicorn: Insights from a Psychedelic Era

In a captivating interview with Psychedelic Baby Magazine, Pat Martin, the bassist of the Surrey-based rock group Unicorn, delves into his personal experiences and the band’s evolution in the music scene. Unicorn, known for their albums ‘Blue Pine Trees,’ ‘Too Many Crooks,’ and ‘One More Tomorrow,’ produced by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, has a rich history that dates back to 1963.

Martin shares his upbringing in Woking, Surrey, and his early fascination with the bass lines in Motown records. The transformation of their music, from simple three-chord beat group compositions to intricate harmonies and adventurous songs, is a testament to their growth and adaptability.

The interview also explores the band’s various name changes, their first record deal with Transatlantic Records, and their memorable experience performing at the Carousel Club in Copenhagen. The release of their debut album, ‘Uphill All the Way,’ produced by Hugh Murphy, marked a significant milestone in their career. Despite the eventual slowdown of their career, Martin’s recollections paint a vivid picture of their experiences in the music industry.

For a deeper dive into Pat Martin’s experiences and the intriguing history of Unicorn, check out the full interview on Psychedelic Baby Magazine.

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