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Hawk Percival’s “Night Moods” Lauded in Shindig! Magazine

Shindig! Magazine, a monthly publication brimming with insightful journalism, music, and film history, and a diverse array of culture, has showered praise upon Hawk Percival’s album, Night Moods. Established in 1992 by Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills, Shindig! was initially a photocopied fanzine covering garage-punk music before evolving to cover a broad spectrum of genres from the grooviest ’60s sounds through country-rock and folk to soul and electronic experimentation​. Earning a 5-star review in such a distinguished publication is no small feat and is a testament to the unique sound and creative prowess of Hawk Percival.

The esteemed magazine remarks on the “magnificently indefinable, genre-surfing brand of music” Percival has developed. Her sound, a unique mix of 60s baroque pop, non-secular organ, prog, and influences from 60-70s rock, pop, and soul, is lauded as “fascinating, unique and totally captivating” in the review. Yet, what makes Hawk Percival’s music truly remarkable is the genuine character that it embodies, drawn from the abstract reaches of her inspirations. Themes of love, loss, life, science fiction, mediaeval fantasy, and nature play a significant role in “Night Moods”, transporting listeners to a retro-futuristic world of pulpy sci-fi.

Hawk Percival’s music journey began with inspiration from Paul McCartney, albeit the cartoon version from Yellow Submarine. She has been releasing music since 2017 under the collaboration-friendly signature of Hawk Percival And Friends. She’s not only a singer but also a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano and guitar, and a producer, arranging and writing both music and lyrics. Hawk Percival’s dedication and talent are evidently mirrored in “Night Moods”, a compilation of her two most recent EPs. Check out this emotive and stylistic track here and experience the charm of Hawk Percival’s unique sound for yourself.

For a closer look at the review, see the screenshot below and be sure to pick up the May issue of Shindig! Magazine.

Shindig! review of Night Moods

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For more information about Hawk Percival and Friends, visit Hawk Percival’s sites.

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