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British Lions: The Unsung Heroes of 70s Rock

In the vast tapestry of 70s rock, some threads, though vibrant, often go unnoticed. Among these is the story of British Lions, a band that rose from the ashes of Mott and carved a niche for themselves in rock history.

From Mott’s Demise to a New Dawn

The departure of Nigel Benjamin from Mott in 1976 left a void, but it also opened doors to new possibilities. The remaining members, undeterred by the challenges, teamed up with Steve Hyams, an old ally from their early days. But the road to reinvention was fraught with challenges. From the elusive dream of a Mott The Hoople reunion to the rise of punk rock overshadowing their efforts, the journey was anything but smooth. Yet, a chance collaboration with John Fiddler, the frontman of the recently disbanded Medicine Head, breathed new life into the band. With Fiddler at the helm, the British Lions roared to life.

A Brief, Yet Memorable, Stint

Their debut album, recorded in a whirlwind two weeks and released in February 1978, was a testament to their talent and dedication. Tours with rock giants like Status Quo, AC/DC, and Blue Oyster Cult further solidified their presence in the rock scene. However, internal struggles, health issues, and disagreements on promotional strategies eventually led to the band’s untimely dissolution in April 1979.

Legacy Lives On

While their time in the spotlight was brief, the impact of British Lions is undeniable. Their albums, though few, remain cherished relics for rock aficionados. Their story, a blend of passion, challenges, and resilience, serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the music industry and the undying spirit of rock. Think Like A Key Music is happy to reissue an expanded edition of their debut album in November 2023. Remastered by Prof. Stoned, the album includes several bonus tracks and a second disc with their iconic performance at San Francisco’s Old Waldorf during their revered American tour, 1978.

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