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Blossom Toes’ Psychedelic Gem “Postcard” Gets a Stunning Reissue

In the kaleidoscopic world of 1960s British psychedelia, few bands captured the era’s whimsical spirit quite like Blossom Toes. With their third single “Postcard,” released in 1968, the band delivered a popsike masterpiece that bridged the gap between their early vibrant sound and their later groundbreaking hard rock intensity. Now, this sought-after rarity is being revitalized in a stunning limited edition 7″ reissue from Think Like A Key Music.

The reissue, limited to 200 copies, has been meticulously remastered by Prof. Stoned, ensuring the original recordings have never sounded more vibrant and psychedelically potent. The fresh new artwork, courtesy of Piper Gates Design, perfectly captures the single’s effervescent charm. On the A-side, the title track “Postcard” exemplifies Blossom Toes’ gift for blending kaleidoscopic melodies with a quirky British sensibility akin to contemporaries like The Kinks and early Pink Floyd.

But it’s the B-side, the jazzy “Everybody’s Leaving Me Now” penned and sung by then-newcomer drummer Poli Palmer (who’d later join Family), that truly showcases the band’s adventurous spirit. With its intricate rhythms and psychedelic flourishes, the track is a delightful precursor to the avant-garde explorations of Giles, Giles & Fripp, who would evolve into the legendary King Crimson. For collectors and psychedelic enthusiasts alike, this reissue is a must-have artifact from one of the 1960s’ most underrated and delightfully eccentric bands.

Available from Think Like A Key Music and select indie retailers

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