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Anton Barbeau’s “Waiting on the Radio” Featured on Glide Magazine

Anton Barbeau, the renowned psychedelic singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has once again demonstrated his unique musical prowess. With a career that began in 1993, the California-born artist has an impressive discography, boasting over 30 albums and a myriad of singles, EPs, anthologies, and collaborative works. His latest offering, Morgenmusik/Nachtschlager, out via Think Like A Key Music, is a testament to his relentless creativity, with songs culled from three intense writing sessions in Berlin and California. The double album is a delightful blend of quirky power-pop, fuzz-drenched acid-rock, freak folk, and hard lefts into world music and krautrock, with a sprinkle of fictional advertisements and psychedelic funk.

Recently, Glide Magazine featured the standout track from this album, “Waiting On The Radio,” in a video premiere. The song is a captivating fusion of power pop, folk-rock, glam, and psych-pop, creating a sound that feels fresh, exciting, and downright infectious. The song features a guest appearance from the legendary Colin Moulding of XTC, who adds harmony vocals and Chamberlin. Other notable contributors include Andy Metcalfe, formerly of Robyn Hitchcock’s Soft Boys/Egyptians, Julian Cope guitarist/producer Donald Ross Skinner, and UK-based singer-songwriter Rosie Abbott. The video accompanying the song is a fun and dreamy visual representation of the tune, with Barbeau’s slyly humorous and engaging performance.

Barbeau describes the process and inspiration behind the tune as a “freak show of demographic delight.” The song is a product of his desire to create a record “with people, in a room,” even if many of the contributions were sent over the internet. The song is a nostalgic journey, inspired by a childhood memory of a song he heard on the radio while riding in his mother’s green Studebaker. He has spent his songwriting life trying to track down that song, and with “Waiting On The Radio,” he feels he might have finally caught it. This track is a testament to Barbeau’s ability to capture the magic of bygone eras while keeping his music fresh and exciting. The feature by Glide Magazine further underscores the appeal and reach of Barbeau’s infectious music.

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